I often get asked all sorts of questions before & after yoga classes from what was that lovely scent you used to where can I buy those yoga tights? 

I thought it would be a good idea to share the products I love & recommend. I have even teamed up with some of them to get you special discounts! Pretty cool huh?! I am only placing things on this page that I believe to be connected to similar values such as being natural, sustainable, community minded, linked to balance & wellbeing.

So have a browse around and let me know if you want more information by clicking contact me (scroll down)



These oils are amazing! They are pure & good quality. A little goes a long way, some of my small bottles have not been replaced even though I use them almost daily. I have been using the oils personally for the past couple of years, hesitant to sell them as part of a 'business'. But now I just want to share what I have found to be useful so that you can benefit too. I can purchase one off orders for you or sign you up to have your own account.