The pace you set is perfect, allowing us to gain the most out of each pose without rushing through. It has helped me to feel like I am making strong, balanced, controlled and purposeful movements for the first time since having my baby. I walk away from your sessions feeling taller, calmer, stronger, more limber, being able to feel that I can breathe with full lungs again, and I sleep better than I have since before I was pregnant!

Jen Ward - Yoga Student

Improves sleep straight after a yoga session, very calming and relaxing. Fuller, better nights sleep. Greases up the spine, well oiled - no need to crack it after a Yoga session. All the cares in the world melt away, converted yogi!

Reece - Yoga Student

As a psychologist, both personally and professionally, I recommend Emma to clients and people in my life. Her no pressure, "find what feels good and works for you" attitude is such a nice change from other classes where I feel forced to be in a certain pose and reaching certain flexibility.

Monique- Yoga Student & Psychologist

Emma is an authentic, warm hearted person who loves what she does. She is supportive, professional & a gifted healer. She radiates passion and love through her work. And her kind nature and openness are an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Marja Jacobsen- Yoga teacher & rEIKI MASTER

"Keep doing what you guys are doing so well. Emma, your yoga classes are really helping my anxiety & panic attacks. Love coming."
"You guys rock, I truly feel I was meant to come & learn being guided to my true calling. So many fresh ideas to follow through with in Spring & Summer"
"Apart from amazing facilitators- I gained an insight about myself and my natural cycles".

Workshop participants/Yoga Students