How do I book a class?

All bookings and payments are online. If a class is full the system won't allow you to book. Try again closer to class time as occasionally a spot opens up. 

Simply click the class bookings tab via this website or click book now button over on our Facebook page. You can choose to purchase a one off casual class or buy a package to save money if you attend regularly. 

  • Select a class style

  • Select the date & time of the class

  • Enter your details

  • Pay now (casual class) or redeem package (you need to purchase package first)

Basically you can follow the prompts that the system gives you, each step usually asks you to click continue once you have completed the step before. 

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What class is best for me?

For those wanting a bit more of an indication of which style yoga to pick, here is a summary of the styles we offer..... (we recommend trying out a few different classes so you can decide based on your experience too)

GENTLE: A gentle class that includes moving through basic yoga postures finishing off with relaxation. This class is suitable for beginners, those with injuries, those coming back to yoga after a break & those wanting to relax without trying to 'keep up' in a faster class.

RESTORATIVE YIN: This slower style involves stretching and relaxation. We use props to get comfortable in a pose and hold the pose for up to 5 minutes, allowing a deep release of the muscles (as well as the mind). Suitable for beginners and more experienced yogis alike. Please advise if you are pregnant or hyper mobile/overly flexible for this style as you may require modifications of the poses.

FLOW: A fluid & dynamic class, where you use the breath to move in tune with the body. Every breath you transition into a new posture, taking you into a 'flow' state, like a dance with your body & breath. Most suitable for those with some experience of yoga. Beginners or those with injuries are still welcome but please be mindful of not trying to 'keep up' if too fast, take a break or move at a slower pace.

What if I have never done yoga?

All of our teachers offer options & modifications to suit a range of levels. We don't have a beginners class, as we believe everybody can learn something each time they practice yoga. You may like to try a gentle class if you have never done any yoga. 

A common misconception is that you need to be flexible, young or fit to try yoga. If you can breath, this is the starting point of yoga. As long as you are breathing comfortably during class & not exerting yourself by holding your breath, this is more important than touching your toes or looking a certain way. This is why we call it a yoga 'practice'. 

For your first class:

  • Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, all other equipment provided

  • If you have your own mat you can bring this with you however there are mats already out for your convenience

  • Arrive a little earlier than the start of class, just 5 mins is enough (doors open 15 min before each class)

  • Please let the teacher know it is your first class so that they can provide you a new student form and show you around